Asphalt Film Festival

Concept, Research, Copywriting, Identity, UX Design, Event Publication Design, 2017.

This campaign is for an imagined independent local film festival that celebrates cult road movies from the 1960s and 70s. Deliverables for this campaign included branding, web presence for desktop and mobile, and print collateral.  

The spirit of the festival, and the themes of many of the films, can be embodied by this original manifesto:


The base unit of American geography, the road defines much of our culture, our habits, our leisure, our economy. To be on the road is to be confronted with the expanse of this nation, the beauty of the landscape, and the treachery of humanity. 

To be on the road is to be constantly in flux. With new surroundings come new perspectives, with new perspectives come new ways of viewing the world.
Whether you’re on the road looking for something, or on the road escaping something, the road is always unpredictable. 

To be on the road is to execute free will, with the car as an extension of self. To be the audience of a road movie is to share these experiences. Not from a car seat, looking through a windshield, but from a theater chair, viewing the film. 

The road movie inspires the desire to seek freedom, to experience the edges of civilization and nature, and to hang on to the thrill of continual uncertainty.