Concept, Research, Copywriting, Publication Design, Photography, 2017.

In 1981 thousands of people came to Central Oregon to live on a commune established by an Indian guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. The rise and fall of the commune over a five year period is a fascinating and dramatic story, but one that many Portlanders are not familiar with.

Part I of this book is that story, completely researched and factually retold. Part II is my own story. I have read a lot about the Rajneeshees and have formed some opinions, and I've also spent time in the desert landscapes near to the former site of the Rajneeshpuram. I tell about some strange encounters in the desert and share my own photography.

Colors of the Dawn is a rethought and redesigned version of a class project from two years earlier in which I designed a museum exhibit. Much of the content in Part I of both issues is the same, just with updated design. Together, these two volumes show my process and my growth as a designer. The first edition can be viewed below.